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Young Leaders' Programme

The Young Leaders' Programme at Youth A.I.D Lewisham, seeks to broaden young people's horizons, aspirations and achievements by providing services which enable them to undertake learning, volunteering and leadership opportunities, both locally and abroad.

Since 1992, the Young Leaders' Programme (YLP) has transformed and enhanced the lives of 1,250 young people in Lewisham and surrounding boroughs ... (read more Pdf icon)


Youth A.I.D. Volunteers (video)

Nightstop video (featuring Youth A.I.D's referral role)



bullet ODEAN
Spiritual, physical & mental change. No forward thinking/planning before volunteering. Now think short & long term.
bullet THERRYI
Changed attitude. Didn't care before. Has more respect for others. Selfish towards myself before volunteering.
bullet SHAUNA
Inspired me and made me more confident after a short time in volunteering.
bullet TROY
Major boost to confidence. Before he had no eye to eye contact (eyes windows to soul). Used to look past people not at them.
bullet CERRI
More determined to have more knowledge & understanding for the future.
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